What is OneShot Token?

OneShot Token (OST) is a crypto and social experiment. It aims to solve several issues which usually keep crypto tokens from reaching their true potential:

  1. Sell Pressure
  2. Low Liquidity
  3. Unfair launch

How does it achieve this?

OST introduces a Buy Many Sell Once concept. This means you can buy as many tokens as you want, as many times as you want, but you can only sell ONCE. That’s it, you get one shot at greatness! Plan your exit carefully, because once you sell you’re done!

This approach basically eliminates swing trading completely, as it only allows one sell/exit. This means that it also implicitly eliminates whales, as they lose the advantage of a big trading stack to influence the price repeatedly. Of course whales can still buy in and then exit, but the influence of such big trades can only be exerted once.

In addition OST adds an 8% tax per transaction (buy or sell) which goes entirely to locked liquidity forever. This tax helps organically build liquidity over time, while simultaneously mitigating sell pressure (as to be in profit on a trade the price must move at least 16% to offset the buy and sell tax). Please note that unlike other projects where the transaction tax goes to a dev fund, the OST 8% tax goes entirely to locked liquidity forever.

Finally, OST aims to have a fair launch which gives everyone an equal starting footing. It achieves this by:

  • fair tokenomics (see below)
  • anti-bot measures for launch (secret, but they work)
  • transparent dev fund

Why “social experiment”?

The truth is that many other coins used various strategies to combat sell pressure. Other coins embraced it. But none was so radical as to give investors One Shot. Therefore, OST is an experiment into how the human psyche reacts when faced with a potentially life-changing decision that’s also irreversible. We’re also excited to see how it goes. We’ll observe, analyze and who knows, maybe input the feedback into a future OST V2 ;)


  • OST total supply: 10.000 $OST
  • Per-transaction fee: 8% (goes entirely to locked liquidity forever)
  • Transaction burn: none (fee is enough 😅)

To kick-start OST we’ll hold a whitelisted presale, as follows:

  • 50 ETH hardcap, 1 ETH min/max buy per participant, 1 ETH = 100 OST, OST price 0.01 ETH
  • Dev fund: 10 ETH + 1000 OST (no further % or payment otherwise)
  • Liquidity added at launch: 40 ETH + 4000 OST, OST price 0.01 ETH

This means the presale has no price advantage over launch, which is done intentionally to prevent a launch dump. The presale participants have however the advantage of price guarantee, i.e. they will get the OST price of 0.01 ETH.

Additional notes

Please note that OST implements almost no additional mechanisms or “protections” for people transacting, specifically:

  • you can buy as many times as you want, but you can only sell once
  • this means it’s highly recommended to sell the entire balance, otherwise there is NO WAY to sell the remaining tokens
  • after a sell, it IS NOT possible to buy in again (this is the only “protection” mechanism implemented)
  • it IS NOT possible to send OST tokens to another wallet


To join the presale, please join our Telegram group linked below.



Website (under construction)



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